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Call of The Highborne is a growing guild. We love to help each other and attempt guild runs weekly. We are currently looking for mature players to fill both our day and night roster. If interested, please contact Themorleon, or any of the other members for an invite.
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Dubl, Nov 11, 10 1:41 PM.
Whoot! Our guild is growing with new members, not just our alts. This is great news on the social level, as well as on the membership level. If you know of a toon you want to bring into the guild that is drama free and would enhance our groups or our guild chat and knowledge, invite them.
We operate on a trust basis and are happy to let even the low members use guild bank for repairs. But, due to some abuse of bank privileges, we request that if you chose to withdraw from bank, you set your price and contribute to bank funds.
While we realize Moonrunner is an established realm, we are a unique guild in that we support our members in their endeavors, and get along so well. Our future goals are to build enough memberships that we can run guild groups for dailies or dungeons. Also, we are mostly alts from raiding guilds, so we will most likely begin to raid on a casual calendar sometime in the future. We hope to pool our raid knowledge to create fun, stress-free raid groups when the time comes.
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